Church History

Mt. Zion Baptist Church was organized by a small group of Christians under the leadership of Reverend Wallace Shelton. It was known as The Second Baptist Church of Lockland.
The first location of the church was in Wyoming, Ohio in a one-room dwelling on Mulberry Street. The first pastor called was Reverend Newsome. Under his leadership, a weather-board church was built in Lockland.
Reverend Birch was called as pastor.
The Reverends Moore and Charles Johnson served as pastors concurrently.
The Reverend J.G. Orr was called as pastor.
The Reverend D.C. Ross became pastor and served until 1934. Under his pastorate the membership grew to 400.
The Reverend Sanders appointed by Reverend Ross as church pastor. Under�his leadership the Gospel Choir was organized.
The Reverend Mitchell C. Coleman was called as pastor. Under his leadership the church continued to grow spiritually in membership. In 1938 the church was remodeled and an annex added to accommodate increased membership to approximately 1000. A mortgage burning service was held on November 3, 1943. During Reverend Coleman's pastorate, a number of new ministries and services were established: Early Christmas and Easter Services, Family Communion, Women's and Men's Day and the Minister's and Deacon's Wives Club.
(Over 100 yrs old by this time...) The Reverend Dr. Otis Moss Jr. was called as pastor. During his pastorate the Male Ushers, Allegro Choir, the Meditation, Information, Recreation and Service (MIRS) Club, the Usherettes and the Mt. Zion Federal Credit Union were established. The church membership continued to grow and the mortgage was burned for the second time in 1972. Reverend Moss envisioned the future need for a larger edifice, and led Mt. Zion to purchase the Woodlawn church site. Under the pastorate of Reverend Moss, Mt. Zion experienced a spiritual and social awareness revival that spread through the local and surrounding communities. The church became the "Hub" of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and many notable people spoke at Mt. Zion.
The Reverend Donald M. Thompson was called to pastor. Under his leadership the Woodlawn edifice was erected. On Sunday, July 20,1980 the "Great Walk" from the church in Lockland to the new edifice in Woodlawn took place.
The Reverend Albert Lampkin served as interim pastor until the search for a new pastor was completed.
The Reverend Henry Wise Jones was called as pastor. Under his Leadership�the mortgage was liquidated through "Debt Free 94" campaign. The mortgage was burned on September 24, 1994. Under the leadership of Reverend Jones, the 100 Voice Women's Choir was formed, the Senior Citizens Group and the Girl Scout Troop established. The need for Youth Ministry was emphasized.
The Reverend Eddie Martin served as interim pastor until the search for a new pastor was completed.
The Reverend DeQuincy M. Hentz was called to pastor in April, 2000. Reverend Hentz's prophetic vision and ministry of "A New Beginning In A New Millennium" was embraced by the church body and evidenced at Mt. Zion by explosive ministerial growth, both spiritually and numerically. As the congregation grew to more than 1100, two Sunday Worship Services, five Bible Studies, church-wide Bible Studies and expanded Wednesday children and youth ministries were offered to enable everyone to  "Experience DEW: Discipleship, Evangelism and Worship". By embracing the concept of DEW, Mt. Zion Baptist Church offered ministries providing Christian Education, Christian and Community Support, Health and Wellness, and Leadership for all ages. Believers were called upon to actively show the love of Jesus and spread the gospel through the ministry resources of Mt. Zion. Ministry growth and activity doubled and likewise church financial resources tripled during Rev. Hentz's tenure. With these powerful resources, ministry outreach into the community provided essential support to many who had no other alternatives.
Under Rev. Hentz's pastorate, the church body embarked upon the mission of "Moving from Membership to Ministry" and released VISION 2010, Mt. Zion's Seven Year Ministry Focus. Kingdom-building ministries were birthed such as New Members, Women's, Men's, Young Adult, Children's Church, Christ Fund and Marriage Ministries. The focus towards greater fellowship was established with Family Fun Days, Talent Shows, Christmas Gala and Watchnight Services. Many enhancements to Mt. Zion's infrastructure included upgraded Media/Sound facilities, Meeting Rooms, Nursery and food services. The Mt. Zion Baptist Church family and the community were richly blessed during Rev. Hentz's anointed leadership!

July 2005-January 2015:

Rev. Eddie L. Martin is serving as Assistant Pastor for the Mt. Zion Family providing leadership and continuity and also did so during Rev. Dr. Dennis E. Norris' service as Interim Pastor from Feb. 2006-April 2008.


February 2006-April 2008:

Rev. Dr. Dennis E. Norris served as Interim Pastor bringing a ministry of reconciliation and healing to the Mt. Zion Family in preparation for Mt. Zion 's call of a new pastor.


May 2008-Present:

Rev. Timothy Scott Swan was called to pastor the Mt. Zion family on April 3, 2008 and assumed pastoral responsibilities on May 11, 2008!