Children's Day
May 22, 2016, (all day)
This year’s theme is “Listen to the Children”,  the scripture is Matthew 21:15 – 16. 
Please come out and support our children!

Guest Speaker: 
Rev. Darnell Lee, Jr.

Anointed, radical, intelligent, and gifted are some of the words often used to describe twenty-five year old, Rev. Darnell Dametrius Lee Jr. who is an emerging voice in the Greater Cincinnati Tristate-area. Since January 9th, 2011, Rev. Lee has been fortunate to travel throughout the U.S. spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. He serves as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at the Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church.  He humbly serves with his mentor and Pastor, Dr. Cecil Ferrell.  Rev. Lee is a junior at Cincinnati Christian University, where he majors in Business Management and minors in Biblical Studies. Upon graduation he plans to attend graduate school where he will major in divinity and law.  Rev. Lee is a man of vision and truly desires to see people’s lives transformed by the love of Christ.  In 2015, Rev. Lee and Minster Quentin D. Monroe, founded the Cincinnati Young Ministers Association.  As of January 2016, he became the executive president of the association. Rev. Lee has been featured on every local news network taking a kingdom stand against violence, suicide, and child poverty in the African American Community. Although he doesn’t consider himself a community activist, you can always find him advocating for his peers.  In a recent interview Rev. Lee was asked how do you describe yourself.   He replied, “I’m just a regular man who Jesus decided to save, put his hand on and position him for His glory”.