Military Ministry

To show God’s compassion, love and support to: all those who are serving in the Military and their families; for those who have served in the military and for the widows/widowers of Veterans and their families.  This ministry will also be made up of those who want to be a part of reaching out to those who have served and sacrificed among us.  We will make every effort to recommit all efforts to further the Great Commission as we: expanded our worship, stewardship and service, by becoming a strong light flowing out to our community and beyond with God’s presence, comfort and spiritual care.  We will openly seek to bring more souls into the “arc of God’s safety”; remembering to be an example of praying, studying, listening and witnessing, while being supportive to others, as we further assemble ourselves together to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We will refer to needed resources whenever necessary.  We will endeavor to let each other see, that the Jesus illuminating in us, is reaching out with loving arms, while seeking to save the lost and unconfirmed souls, as only He can; offering hope and that “Blessed Assurance”.

Bro. Darryl Shirley