Children Ministries

These ministries serve children up to age 12.
Children's Choir
To learn the songs of Zion and to learn how to worship God as we lift our voices in thanksgiving and praise. [more]

Children's Ushers
To learn to be doorkeepers in the house of the Lord. [more]

Children's Ministry
The mission of the Children’s Ministry is to develop, plan, organize, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive ministry to children twelve years of age (12) and under. We seek to promote spiritual growth among children and provide... [more]

Kids' Night Out With Jesus
We strive to nourish, mentor and teach the word of God to our children under the age of 12, through providing a hearty meal each Wednesday prior to Kids' Night Out With Jesus, also known as "KNOWJ", bible study, crafts, showing acts of kindnes... [more]

The nursery is provided as an assistance to our parents, grandparents, and others, but most importantly it’s another way to grow our church. Mark 9:36-37 – And Jesus took a child and put him in the midst of them, and taking him in his arms, he sa... [more]