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Our Prayer List

OUR PRAYER LIST as of January 18, 2023 (* = Additions/changes):
  • Sis. Agnes Duckworth
  • Sis. Evelyn Davis
  • Sis. Linda Fairbanks
  • Sis. Sandra Figg
  • Bro. Edward Frederick
  • Sis. Shirley Munlin
  • Sis. Ethel Payne
  • Bro. Lorenzo Vaughn
  • Sis. Lakisha White
  • Sis. Helen Watson
  • Bro. Ronald Watson
Sick & Shut-in Members in Nursing Homes/Care Centers:
  • Sis. Kathleen Blackmon
  • Sis. Leona Coleman
  • Sis. Anise Sewell
Please continue to pray for those who are sick, shut-in and in nursing homes/care centers. Please remember that you cannot visit the nursing homes during this time. Please pray that all the residents will remain safe.

If there are changes, please call the church office at 513-772-6230.
If you have a prayer request, Please submit your prayer requests to our Senior Pastor, mtzion.pastor16@gmail.com. Also, in your note, please indicate if you wouldn't mind the church listing your prayer request on the church's website, in order to allow others across the world to pray for you. Your name can remain anonymous if you prefer, so please state that in your request as well.
If you have an announcement or prayer request that is not listed, and need it to be posted, please contact us at 513-772-6230.