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Job Description Title: Part-Time Church Bus Driver
Reports To: Transportation Chairperson of Trustee Ministry

General Responsibilities:
 The driver is responsible to operate and assist with the transport of MZBC members to and from various events sponsored by the church.

  • Perform safety checks on vehicle before and after trips.  Inform trustee transportation chair of any issues.
  • Keep scheduler informed of availability to drive units.
  • Help keep units clean, and ensure that they are safely and securely stored.
  • Be responsible for the safety of passengers in loading, unloading and transporting persons to and from their destination. This includes any accompanying luggage or equipment being transported.  Able to lift up 40 pounds when assisting riders.  Use safe practices.
  • Maintain a good and safe driving record.
  • Be respectful and courteous to all passengers and maintain order and discipline in the vehicle.
  • Report immediately any issues (e.g. passenger, safety, maintenance, other) during or after driving the vehicle such that a plan of action can be initiated to resolve same.
  • Operate unit safely and responsibly as noted in the churches policies and procedures.
  • Keep transportation chairperson aware of any issues that would hinder your ability to serve as a driver.
  • Attend training sessions to enhance knowledge and skill-sets regarding safety and operation of the vehicle.
  • Fill-out the mileage log accurately before and after each trip.  Log should include trip date, event, destination, time out, time returned, odometer out, odometer return, passengers out (encircled), passengers return (encircled) and hours claimed.
  • Provide input to the trustee chairperson that should improve the overall transportation operation.
  • Call motor club should you have emergency that you have to resolve immediately.  Make transportation chairperson aware of the situation.
Required Skills/Experience:
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.
  • Must be able to perform the duties/responsibilities of the job.
  • Must be willing to work weekends, afternoons, and holidays, as needed.
  • Must be insurable under the church’s insurance policy.
$14.50 per hour

Interested Parties Please Contact: 
Personnel Committee
10180 Woodlawn Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH  45215
Phone (513) 772-6230

POSITION TITLE: Children’s Ministry Leader
POSITION STATUS: Exempt, Part-time (10-15 hrs. per week)
COMPENSATION:  Annual salary commensurate with skills and experience.
Position Descriptions and performance are reviewed annually
General Responsibilities:
Mission of the Children’s Ministry is to develop, plan, organize, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive ministry to children twelve years of age and under.  The Children’s Ministry seeks to promote spiritual growth among children and provide them with a worship experience that speaks to their needs in a way that they can understand.
-Ordained Minister
-Servant attitude towards Jesus Christ, leaders, other team members, the church and guests
-Desire to work in children’s ministry as a way to serve Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom
-Knowledge and skills to serve in children’s ministry
-Ability to work with children, volunteers, church staff, and parents to coordinate children’s ministry
-Clearance of criminal background check
-Abide by all personnel policies of Mt Zion Baptist Church
-Self-starter and high degree of Discipline and strategic focus
-Be punctual and attend all required events and activities
-Solve and resolve problems in a resourceful, Christ-like manner
-Lead and manage all aspects of children’s ministry
-Develop an annual budget for children’s activities to include Children’s Church, KNOWJ and VBS
-Deliver a sermon to Children’s Church each Sunday
-Communicate children’s ministry activities to the church through periodic reports
-Plan and execute in-reach/outreach activities to families in the church and community
-Recruit, encourage and coordinate on-boarding of volunteers
-Ensure volunteers have background checks in order to provide a safe sanctuary for the children
-Work with Sunday School Department to lead effort for the Annual Christmas and Easter programs
-Lead the monthly meeting of the children’s ministry committee(s)
-Work with the children’s ministry committee(s) to determine projects to involve the children
-Plan and support children’s special events including marketing efforts

Interested Parties Please Contact: 
Personnel Committee
10180 Woodlawn Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH  45215
Phone (513) 772-6230

Job Description Title: Lead (Bass) Guitarist

Reports To: The Lead (Bass) Guitarist reports directly to the Minister of Music of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, hereafter referred to as MZBC and is subject to the Pastor’s directives and authority.
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Upon request by the Pastor, Minister of Music or another musician/choir director or directress, the Lead (Bass) Guitarist is expected to participate in all Sunday morning worship and/or praise services and in any other church related events at MZBC during which music is rendered. Included in this list of services is Women’s and Men’s Days, Church Anniversary, concerts and/or musicals rendered by Mt. Zion’s choral groups, workshops, revivals, musical clinics and any other special services as may be directed by the Pastor or Minister of Music.
  • In addition to assisting in services that are held at MZBC, the Lead (Bass) Guitarist, at the direction of the Pastor, or as requested by the Minister of Music is expected to accompany the Pastor to other churches at which the Pastor is preaching and a choral group from MZBC is rendering music.
  • The Lead (Bass) Guitarist is expected to rehearse with all singing units, one (1) week prior to that singing unit’s scheduled Sunday to sing.
  • The Lead (Bass) Guitarist is expected to accompany all singing units, lend support to congregational singing and blend in with the other instruments in a manner that creates an atmosphere that is conducive to worship and praise. It is imperative that the accompanist exhibits and maintains attentiveness during worship services that will allow him/her to make adjustments in style, volume and/or intensity of the music to the spiritual atmosphere and tenor of the worship service.
  • In the role of Lead (Bass) Guitarist, you are required to work under the direction of the Minister of Music and choir director whose choir is rendering music on a particular Sunday or at a special worship service.
  • The Lead (Bass) Guitarist is expected to provide support for all the musicians at MZBC and be dependable and cooperative with fellow musicians, choirs and church staff.
Job execution:
The following elements are critical in fulfilling the role of Lead Guitarist:
  • Cooperation – between fellow musicians, choirs and church staff
  • Commitment – demonstrate individual commitment by being cooperative, dependable and punctual
  • Sobriety – no alcohol or substance abuse
  • Communication – be effective in communicating and interaction with people
  • Coordination and Cooperation – with other church staff personnel
Skills Required:
  • Knowledge of music especially church music for worship services
  • Choral rehearsal techniques
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others
  • Ability to read music.
  • High standards in attitude, outlook and morals
Experience Required:
  • Prior experience as accompanist for another church is preferable.
  • Minimum: High school graduate.
Pay and benefits based on education and experience.

Interested Parties Please Contact: 
Personnel Committee
10180 Woodlawn Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH  45215
Phone (513) 772-623